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Affiliate/ DSA Opportunity

INDIVIDUAL: Independent person can work from home.

AGENCY: An Enterprise who can appoint minimum 2 Employees or More.

Web, Hosting and Online Media Agency :

Web, Hosting, Domain Service and Online Media Agency have a Excellent Opportunity to earn a Flat 30 % Margin an consant recurring income of Business referred by you to worldtradezone.com, Register the Business enterprises under your affiliate account and convert to any of paid membership, and get paid regulalrly. You can earn a substantial revenue over and above your revenue from Domain, Hosting and Website Developement. Worldtradezone.com will handle promotion task.

Who Can Join: Any Person over 18 Years of Age can register as Individual or as a Principle of the Enterprise Agency.

The Task Profile:

1. Data Collection : A. ) Get the Company registered on worldtradezone.com either thru email marketing, direct data entry B.) Get Buy Requirement of the Company and post it online.

2. Sales : Get Subscription , Buy Leads sales by Email Marketing ( Unique link provided ) , Online Marketing, Tele Sales , Direct sales,

You are paid: Fixed price for data - services (which ranges 40 USD to 60 USD per 1000 data in required format - Data to be collected either through tele calling or direct visit - or through email Marketing)

10 USD for 50 Buy requirment posted.

Subscription to Business/ Leads Packages - 30 % on Net sale amount

You get another upto 5 % as Bonus based on target from time to time.

You can claim payment anytime on realisation of Payment from Customers against Paid Subscription asn per the given limit, subject to our payment terms and conditions mentioned below.

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