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Electrical & Electronic Active
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Solar Energy, Renewable Energy & Other
Energy Conservation Products
Switchgears: Switches, Circuit Breakers,
Relays & Others
Tapes: Adhesive, Non-Adhesive & Pressure
Telecom Equipment, Telecom Tools &
Telecommunication Products
Television Picture Tubes, Black & White
and Colour Picture Tubes
Transformers, Inverters, UPS and Voltage
Battery Energy
Seller from Australia  
Description :attery Energy is Australia's leading gel battery manufacturer with a fully integrated battery manufacturing facility in Sydney. Battery Energy manufactures a complete range of gel batteries using its proprietary SuperGel long life plate technology developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.
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TECO Australia Pty Limited
Seller from Australia  
Description :For a company that made it's humble entry into the industrial sector in 1956 as an electric motor manufacturer, TECO has grown exponentially to emerge as a major recognisable force on the world stage.
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