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Seller from Italy  
Description :Paimex Italy started with the production of bags and shoes of tissue-run handicraft, namely attention, precision and excellent quality. Over the years Paimex evolved, while maintaining the habit of handmade departure, the Made in Italy brand, trademark precision and absolute quality. The fabric bags, natural and synthetic, cotton, linen,...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :Minini Imballaggi srl has been working for over 70 years in the flexible container supply sector for transporting bulk solids. Availability of development certificates relating to resistance trials carried out by the most important European institutions and UN packaging approval for the transport of hazardous goods. The Big Bag is primary...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :We are a company with international presence, dedicated to the manufacture and design of ecological packaging. We take care of the whole process, both the design and manufacture and subsequent shipping. The aim of Creating Bags is getting a different and attractive packaging, which provides different values for our customers to get their sales...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :Saccheria Lema s.a.s. starts to produce flexible containers (Big Bag) since 1991 to meet a growing demand to optimize management of bulk materials for containment, storage warehouses, handling and transportation. Product substantially in central and northern Italy in the Big Bag was known and used mainly in factories of the chemical industry...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :Military Clothing From the passion for our work comes the constant search for "original" products , in every part of the world . Not surprisingly, we often happen to " assemble " the garments no longer supplied and composed of several pieces. For example, this was the case with the original American PARKA 1960 , reconstructed by finding ,...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :We have created embroidery and prepared top designs for Ballin,Jimmy Choo shoe collections; velvet embroidered handbags, jet for Gucci and Armani,and Alexander McQueen accessories and belts. We also provide consulting in fashion, prototypes, 360? embroidery, cape finishing, textile design, painting on fabric, air brush technique, embroidery on...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :The Trapuntificio Giglioli is a family-owned company based in Empoli, a city near Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Specializing in the quilting and embroidering of fabrics and leather, the firm offers a very high-quality production, thanks to over thirty years of experience in the industry. The Trapuntificio, founded in the mid-seventies by...
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Seller from Italy  
Description :Linea Ellebi is a company that manufactures embroidery, braiding and items for shoes, leather goods and clothing. Items for shoes in particular are made with: buttons, rivets, nails, rhinestones, pearls, jet, sequins, fabric, satin, cloth, tulle and raffia. We also make pleated, folded, precut and laser perforated items. Embroidery is also...
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2m Decori Srl
Seller from Italy  
Description :2M Decorations spa is a leader in design and manufacturing of customized zamac zinc alloy components. The company was established in 1997 as a spin-off of 2M srl, a leader in glasses and spectacles manufacturing since 1963: today 2M Decorations ITS sells products in Europe, USA and South America.
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Seller from Italy  
Description :Stemar is a company with 3 big warehouses full of textile fabric stock in many different kind of compositions like wool blend, silk, velvet, courdoroy and PVC for both garment and upholstery industries. prices are very ciompetitive and have always fresh goods to offer.
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