First District
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First District Association

101 S Swift Ave Litchfield, MN 55355-2834,Litchfield,Maine
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We are an independent dairy cooperative in Litchfield, Minnesota operating since 1921. From its very beginning, the Litchfield facility was known for the consistently high quality of its products, the efficiency with which it was run, and the excellent service and return to its patron owners. FDA processes over 1.5 billion pounds of milk a year, producing 45+ million pounds of powder, 140+ million pounds of cheese, and 190+ million pounds of Grade A milk. First District Association has a long history of loyal and committed members, member creameries and employees that have worked together as a powerful team to create SQF 2000 certified products that ensure that our global customers get only the highest quality products
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Company Name :First District Association
Address :101 S Swift Ave Litchfield, MN 55355-2834,Litchfield,Maine
Mobile : xxxxxxx
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