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Seller from India  
Description :Sunrise Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of brass components, molding Inserts, Hardware, Brass electrical wiring accessories Plumbing parts and are serving all the industries since 1986.
Seller from Australia  
Description :attery Energy is Australia's leading gel battery manufacturer with a fully integrated battery manufacturing facility in Sydney. Battery Energy manufactures a complete range of gel batteries using its proprietary SuperGel long life plate technology developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.
Seller from Australia  
Description :For a company that made it's humble entry into the industrial sector in 1956 as an electric motor manufacturer, TECO has grown exponentially to emerge as a major recognisable force on the world stage.
Seller from Kuwait  
Description :Electronic components and accessories
Seller from Kuwait  
Description :ulf Cable & Electrical Industries Co. KSC was established in 1975 with the objective of meeting growing local requirements and to provide users with quality wires and cables. The company\'s large and modern factory was commissioned in October 1979. Since then the activities of Gulf Cable, along with the demand of it\'s products in local as...
Seller from Germany  
Description :For nkt cables, customer focus means giving the customers exactly what they need. This applies both to products and to services. To achieve this, we always listen to our customers, understand their requirements and develop appropriate solutions. This encompasses expert advice to make sure that our customers receive no less than they need and...
Seller from France  
Description :Farnell element14 is a high level of advanced technology products service dealer, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.Innovation is our business . We have developed many innovations to save you valuable time, as the first community online engineers, our catalogs online or customizable library of videos...
Seller from France  
Description :Basler Electric is a privately-held corporation with worldwide headquarters in Highland, Illinois. Additional facilities are located in Taylor, Texas; Piedras Negras, Mexico; Wasselonne, France; Suzhou, China; and Singapore. Basler Plastics? is a wholly owned subsidiary located in San Marcos, Texas. Basler?s global presence helps us identify the...
Seller from Netherlands  
Description :actia designs and manufactures vehicle electronics and diagnostics systems.
Seller from Turkey  
Description :ERSİN GROUP, founded in 1974 under the name of ? Ersin Molding Machine Industry? , has started to its business life with the production of various molds and special products for both public and private organizations. It?s continuing to its manufacturing business with high technical knowledge and years of experience.