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Seller from India  
Seller from Australia  
Description :Johndec Engineering Plastics manufactures every aspect of our product range from electronic controls through to plastics fabrication
Seller from Australia  
Description :Replas is an Australian company that has developed world leading technology to reprocess Australia?s plastic waste into a range of recycled-plastic products suitable for outdoor use.
Seller from Italy  
Description :MAR STATUE SACRE is an Italian company specializing in the production of sacred furnishings and related products. Our products are created by very skilful artisans based both in Italy and other European Countries. MAR STATUE SACRE can supply all is needed to furnish a church or a small chapel: sacred statues, chalices, Pyx holders, way of...
Seller from Egypt  
Description :Manufacturers of paint containers, plastic bottles, jerry cans, wire spools, household equipment, fasteners, bolts, nuts, screws, nails and pails.
Seller from Bahrain  
Description :suppliers,dealers specializede equipment ,materials to various industries
Seller from Germany  
Description :lopay Aschersleben GmbH features high-speed, state-of-the-art, wide-web extrusion lines producing both monolayer and coextruded films and extrusion-coated composites. The company is widely known for its expertise in polyolefin resin and filler technology used in the hygiene, medical/healthcare, and industrial markets. Clopay Aschersleben GmbH is...
Seller from Germany  
Description :Our staff at the main plant in Neus?ss near Augsburg has over 30 years experience in plastics processing. The core competence of our company is the production of spray technology products and plastic bottles "Made in Germany".
Seller from Netherlands  
Description :Addcomp is a leading, independent producer and developer of unique polymer additive solutions for producers of: ? films ? yarns ? nonwovens ? wood-plastic composites
Seller from Netherlands  
Description :With an extensive product range of high-quality roll and block foams, Sekisui Alveo offers the ideal material for every conversion process. Thanks to the broad range of polyolefin-based foam solutions and products with functional surfaces, we can even meet highly specific